The present project focuses on two specific technologies, the Long Range Ultrasonic Transmission (LRUT) and Ultrasonic Normal Probe Array (UNPA) and their main objective will be to deploy the respective clamping manipulator and scanning manipulator to a work class ROV.

The LRUT clamping manipulator already developed will be used for long range 12’’ pipe inspections using generation of guided ultrasonic torsional waves. This system was specifically developed for detection of corrosion in jacket support structure legs, cross members & flow lines. When in position the LRUT transducer ring generates an ultrasonic wave that propagates down the pipe for several tens of metres in either direction. Corrosion/erosion or significant weld defects cause the emitted ultrasonic pulse to be reflected back to the transducer ring that then enables the extent and axial/circumferential position of the defect to be determined.

The UNPA system will be incorporated in the same clamp as the LRUT system. The 8 transducers will present eight thickness measurements around the pipe with a resolution of 0,1mm up to 100mm. It is no need for couplant.

The primary aim of including an UNPA to complement the measurements performed with the LRUT collar is to provide a method of evaluating with precision the indication detected by the LRUT. This means moving the UNPA sensors to the position of the indicator in order to scan with the UNPA.